Shampoo 125 ml

Shampoo 275ml

A very mild shampoo suitable for babies or adults.  Had excellent results from people with sensitive scalps.  Helped relieve cradle cap, sore, flaky scalps and rashes on scalp.

Made from plant derived ingredients.  Definitely no sodium laurel sulphate or any other nasties.

 "Your shampoo is lovely, mild and gentle on my psoriasis.  Compared to medicated products it is way ahead.  Other products feel like they are burning my scalp but yours is just lovely and soothing and smells gorgeous.  I won't go back to using anything else,"  Kelly Badman, Hamilton.

"Your Shampoo is mild and gentle which smells gorgeous.  My mother has a very sensitive scalp and finds that your shampoo is the only one that doesn't cause an irritation.  We also find it very economical and won't go back to using anything else," Helen Clarke.

"I had a flaky, itchy scalp with sores.  Since using your shampoo they have all gone.  I've tried all kinds of shampoo which didn't work.  This is the best shampoo I've used,"  says Leigh from Hamilton.

Very gentle on sensitive scalps.