hand & heel balm 20g


This hand and heel balm has been tested on nurses, farmers, landscape gardeners and sports people.  It is a heavy-duty balm which soothes and repairs seriously damaged skin.

Made using the best natural oils and butters to moisturise damaged hands and heels.

Contains Calendula infused oil which soothes, relieves and helps to heal damaged skin. 

  "Can I order three 200g pots of your Hand & Heel Balm.  Two of the pots are for my mum and she has almost run out. She has very thin skin due to medications and this balm is fabulous for her. We are loving your product!"  Julie de Boer, Porirua.

"Have found the Hand & Heel Balm extremely wonderful for healing skin on hands and feet, etc," says Neville Brandt from Hamilton.

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20g (handy size for pocket or handbag)