six pack - lavender and calendula soap


I grow, infuse and use the wonderful medicinal herb Calendula which is soothing on sensitive skin.  All my soaps contain Calendula Infused Oil.  

I have improved my recipe by adding shea butter, my Calendula Infused Oil and three other skin-loving oils and butters, chosen for their highly moisturising qualities.  

Together with high quality New Zealand Lavender Essential Oil  this truly is a luxurious soap. 

  • no palm oil
  • no artificial colour - only the natural colour of the Calendula petals
  • no artificial fragrance - only natural Lavender Essential Oil

You will be hardpressed to find a better quality soap. 

"I find your soaps to be the best for my very sensitive skin - especially the Lavender & Calendula Soap," says Bob Skogstad, Hamilton.

Bulk buy and save 

Approx 145g (weights vary slightly) (some oval and some square)