Happy customers...

"I’m still very happy using your products - (I must have been using them for 10 years or so).

 I’m using the Hand and Heel Balm on my face as well, and when I meet people whom I haven’t seen for a while, they all compliment me on my skin, saying I look so young.  I am sure it has got something to do with all the goodness in the balm," Merete Hipp, Palmerston North.

"These products simply rock!  I just love both the Lip Balm and the Hand & Heel Balm.  Perfect for the outdoors farming girl where my skin never gets a break.  Thank you and keep up the good work," Annie Leadbeater, Winton.

"I have recently moved back to the UK after living in NZ.   Do you deliver to the UK?   I've run out of my favourite products.   Thanks,"   Sheena

Calendula ointment

"The Calendula Ointment is truly amazing.  My husband has a reoccurring skin disorder on his eyelid which causes him quite a bit of discomfort.  He has been using your ointment for two years at least and is clears up in 2 - 3 days.  He is very pleased with the results.  Fantastic product, thank you,"  Tania Hadley, Taurange. 11.05.16


"I have a tub of your Calendula Ointment and I use it on everyone and everything and it works a treat.  

"It even fixed our dog.  She is a pig hunting dog and years ago got a pig tusk through her leg.  My partner battled the wound for years and it left a nasty scar that repeatedly got infected.  Nothing would heal it, not even from the vets.  

"Now four months on it is healed and the hair has grown back.  My partner is amazed.  That is just one of the many amazing things your cream has done. Thanks for a product that clears up so many skin issues,"  Jenna Fisher.

"I have suffered from bleeding and painful, cracked heels for the last 4 years. I brought a small pot of calendula ointment just to give it a try on my cracked heels, and especially around my scar on my foot. I have to say that my feet are at the best they have been in a very long time, even though they still need attention I can see that they are improving. Thank you so much," Erin Finlayson, Hamilton.

"Still loving the Calendula Ointment.  My dad put me on to it a few years ago when it was giving him a lot of relief from itching after interaction with ivy.  Since I've had it, I'm amazed by how often I reach for it.  There is always someone in the house that has a graze, bite, sore or sting and it's the first thing I use.  A little goes a long way as my small pot lasted a long time despite frequent use.  Thanks very much," Sally Sterritt, Otorohanga.

"I just wanted to thank you YET again for your Calendula Ointment.  Razzie, my 5 year old dog has started to get some sort of allergy around his nose this Spring, so out with your Ointment and it's just magic!!!  It's also nice to know he can lick at it and it's not going to hurt him, but the beauty is, once it's on he can't lick all of it off so it works," Carla Gini, Te Awamutu.

"I have been buying your products for many years - the Calendula Ointment is our family's 'Magic Ointment'.  In fact it's often,'Quick! Where's the magic ointment?'," says Lorna Blake, Auckland.

"I cannot believe what your Calendula Ointment has done for my scabrous tinea infected big toe.  I have had a complaint for 11 years.  I heard about your ointment, put it on and whilst it didn't happen overnight (a new nail had to grow) it worked 100%.  For the first time in years I can wear open-toed shoes! 

Thank you so much for your wonderful product.  Regards Lynda Jones"

"I have eczema on my tummy from my belt buckle but I use your Calendula Ointment each night until it clears up.  I always have a tub, make sure I don't run out.  It's so useful for cuts, burns, it helps heal, soothing, moisturising, highly recommended," Vasha.

"Awesome stuff this Calendula Ointment, really cures all", Andreia Short, Taupo.

"My family uses your calendula ointments & lip balm all the time to soothe rashes, burns, nappy rash and dry lips. It soothes places where sweat causes chafing!

Your Calendula Ointment is marvellous.  I would recommend it to anyone  who has any kind of rash!!!  It's so good for scar tissue after surgery, athlete's foot on my husband's toes, nappy rash preventative - excellent!" Diane Berkley, Auckland.

"I have suffered from bleeding painful, cracked heels for the last four years.  I bought some of your Calendula Ointment to use on my heels and on a scar on my foot.  I have to say that my feet are the best they have been in a very long time.  Thank you so much,"  Erin Finlayson, Hamilton.

"I love this product!  It's been great for flaky skin (probably sun damage) on my calves.  My skin has improved since using your Calendula Ointment," Julie Bonner, Auckland.

"I have been using this Calendula Ointment as a nappy rash ointment on my baby for 10 months now and have found it is extremely effective.  She has not had any nappy rash since I have used it.  It's fantastic!"  says Ruthie Beumelburg from Auckland.

"This is the best ointment ever, my whole family use it now - four generations from babies with nappy rash through to Great Grandnana in a rest home with various skin complaints!  It's basically our first-aid kit in a jar," Colleen O'Neill, Wanganui.

"My husband suffers from a skin problem called nummular dermatitis and I wanted to let you know how wonderful the Calendula Ointment is for his skin.  It really soothes it.  We now buy it in big pots,"  says J Homan from Auckland.

"The Calendula Ointment is one of the only things my 3 year old gets relief from with her eczema," Danielle from Tauranga.

"I've been using your Calendula Ointment and my scars (as a result of shingles) have almost disappeared overnight!  People are asking me what I'm using as they can't believe that my big deep scabby scars are almost gone after two weeks - they say that normally shingles takes some weeks to clear up.

I've also been using it on my very old dog who has some skin allergies and nothing I've tried was helping her.  I have put a couple of applications of your ointment onto Zoe's allergies and it's really helping it.  Zoe hates me putting stuff on her itchy spots normally, but last night when I reapplied another layer, she just lay there and let me put it on, like she knew it was helping!"  Carla Gini.

 "I've just been out into my garden and almost got eaten alive.  I reached for your Calendula Ointment and put it on the itchy bites and was amazed.  They were soothed straight away and the itching stopped immediately," says Carla Gini from Te Awamutu.

"Your Calendula Ointment is a miraculous potion which our family uses from cracks on hands and feet to skinned noses and knees with instant relief and healing," says Dr Caroline from Hamilton.

"I had fungal toe nails and finger nails for years which looked a mess. After trying several prescribed treatments my doctor said I would never get rid of the problem. As a last resort I decided to try your Calendula Ointment and applied it regularly for a few weeks and to my surprise my nails have now returned to normal. Your Calendula Ointment is brilliant," says Dorothy from the UK.

"On holiday in the USA last year I suffered from a bad case of thrush.  I was prescribed medication from my doctor in NZ, but the Pharmacy gave me the generic, which did not work.  By the time I realised, I was half way around the world.  It took a few days to get the correct medication and by that stage I was in bad shape.  However, I started using the Calendula Ointment and by the time the new medication kicked in I was in good shape.  Without the Calendula Ointment I would have been in severe pain.  I have used over the counter topical creams before, but they all burn; the Calendula OIntment did no such thing.  I was so thankful I remembered to take my Infused with Nature Calendula Ointment.  Honestly, I love that ointment and thank goodness I had it with me,"  Elizabeth, Cambridge.

"I have been using your Calendula Ointment on a large burn on my hand. I can't believe the difference - after a week the burn is just about gone and I don't think there will even be a scar - really amazing! Just wanted you to know so you can recommend it for burns. I really appreciate it," says Cathy from Te Awamutu.

"I have a fairly painful cracked thumb at present and already the ointments (Calendula Ointment and Farmers' & Gardeners' Hand and Heel Balm) seem to be working. Again, many thanks for your exceedingly prompt service - I am most impressed!!!" says Ian from Pirongia.

"Your Calendula Ointment is the best ointment we've used for everything - especially burns and scars. My daughter has some kind of rash/dermatitis on the palms of her hands and it is spreading - we tried your Calendula Ointment on that and it looks like it is beginning to have an affect. So we're very pleased to have come across your excellent products," says Jant from Wanganui.

"My husband loves the Hand & Heel Balm and the Calendula Ointment. He is amazed at how quickly they heal the abrasions caused by his eczema. We are very impressed. Many thanks," says Steph from Christchurch.

"I have bought five pots of your Calendula Ointment - 2 for me and 3 for my children. I burn my skin very easily when baking/cooking but if I apply your ointment straight away I don't feel my skin burning at all, it soothes it immediately and within a few days it has gone," says Dinah from Wales.

"My niece used to get very bad nappy rash - but no more with the super Calendula Ointment! Also when my Dad had flu he came out in cold sores all around his mouth. He applied your ointment and within four days they had virtually gone, and everytime he applied the ointment he felt it soothe them. Also Mathew's father-in-law's psoriasis has really come on well since he's been using your ointment!" says Delyth from Wales.

"I must tell you how successful your Calendula Ointment has been on my daughters' wart. She had a wart on her knee and applied your ointment once a day. After a couple of weeks it disappeared," says Brigitte from Hamilton.

"We need more Calendula Ointment.  The whole family (10) wouldn't be without it - it's definitely our first aid in one pot.  We recommend your Calendula Ointment and Hand & Heel Balm to anyone.  We've not looked for anything else since we found your products.  They're excellent." says Jant Akkerman from Wanganui.

"After using Calendula Ointment on my work-related dermatitis I was amazed with the results. Prescribed steroid cream did not compare with the wonderful results I got from your Calendula Ointment. I was truly amazed with the even better results when using the Calendula Soap in combination with the ointment. Truly God sent," Kaz (Hairdresser from Te Awamutu).

"Requiring some more of the Calendula Ointment as this is the best product I have used for Psoriasis," says Darryl from Te Awamutu.

Hand & Heel Balm

"Could you please send me two 200g pots of Hand & Heel Balm.  I have run out and nothing else is as good," says Julie from Raglan.

"My mom and I have been using your products for a number of years.  Your Hand & Heel Balm is wonderful," says Helga Sheppard, Thames.


'"I felt I needed to write to tell you what tremendous products you are creating. I have just tried the Hand and Heel Balm on my well worn hands which felt like sandpaper. I am delighted to tell you that my hands are smooth and soft again. Thank you for your most wonderful product yet,"  Dr Caroline from Hamilton.

"Can I order three 200g pots of your Hand & Heel Balm.  Two of the pots are for my mum and she has almost run out. She has very thin skin due to medications and this balm is fabulous for her. We are loving your product!"  Julie de Boer, Porirua.

"These products simply rock!  I just love both the Lip Balm and the Hand & Heel Balm.  Perfect for the outdoors farming girl in me where my skin never gets a break.  Thank you and keep up the good work."  Annie Leadbeater, Winton.

"It is really great on the slowly healing scar I have from having ruptured my achilles operated on," Kaylene Duffell.

"I want to tell you how wonderful your Heel Balm is!  I had been using the usual pharmacy brands for years and it would always take weeks and weeks for anything to work or feel better.  After only two days with yours my cracks weren't painful anymore and my feet were already looking healthy again.  And after one week they were fine.  All quite amazing for me.  So thank you for your wondrous recipe and all your hard work,"  A very happy customer, Susan Gray, in the very Far North.

"I am on my feet all day working in hospital and find your Hand & Heel Balm absolutely fantastic.  Really good stuff.  I have no more cracks and my skin is really smooth now.  I no longer need to see a podiatrist.  I've now got my daughter using it - she has also had amazing results," Bernadette Schrader, Hamilton.

"Your Hand & Heel Balm is really great on my slowly healing scar which I have from having my ruptured achilles operated on," Kaylene Duffell, Putaruru.

"Your Hand & Heel Balm is absolutely wonderful," says Joan Noble, Cambridge.

"Your Hand & Heel Balm is great on my face!  The lines on my face have smoothed out and people at work think I've had Botox!  It's fantastic.  Thanks,"  Barbara from Otorohanga.

"Would you please send me a pot of your wonderful Hand & Heel Balm.  My friend gave me some to try on my cracked heels and I am most impressed with the results," Janet from Otorohanga.

"Great Hand Balm," John Smith, Hamilton.


"My family use your calendula ointments & lip balm all the time to soothe rashes, burns, nappy rash and dry lips. It soothes places where sweat caushes chaffing!" Diane Berkley, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland.

 "I've tried all sorts of lip balm but this one is the best by far," Beatty from
Te Awamutu.

"These products simply rock!  I just love both the Lip Balm and the Hand & Heel Balm.  Perfect for the outdoors farming girl in me where my skin never gets a break.  Thank you and keep up the good work."  Annie Leadbeater, Winton.


"Just a quick note - I have been using your Goat's Milk Soap.  It has been so soothing and gentle  on my poor itchy skin.  I am going to Hamilton in June to see a Dermatologist and the Doctor has put me on Oral Prednisone for 10 days but your soap has definitely made a difference in the five days that I've been using it.  Thanks for the relief from the itching,"  says Jeanette Appleby, Taupo.

Pumice Soap - "I have tried numerous hand cleaners over the years which left my hands itchy.  What a relief to have found Infused with Nature Pumice Soap.  It is the most gentle and effective soap to remove grease and soot," says David Wallace, Tauranga.


"I really like your soaps.  They smell very good and are soft on my skin," Sienna Soo from Singapore.

"Thank you so much for the soap. I'm using your soap all the time now as it doesn't dry my skin out like others I've used," Delyth from Wales.

"My mother loves your Lavender & Green Clay Soap - did wonders for her skin!"  Mike Williamson - long-time customer.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Lavender & Rosemary Soap.  It is lovely on my skin and smells divine - it's the best soap in the world," says Allison Stewart, Tauranga.

"Many thanks for the soaps which I received very promptly, and lovely soap as always," Karen McCullum, Rotorua.

'"I have been using your Calendula Soap and Calendula Ointment on my psoriasis - it has given me such relief," a gentleman from Pirongia.

'"My little girl came out in an angry red rash every time she used commercial soap and shampoo. Since we started using your products her rash has completely cleared up," Fleur from Te Awamutu.

'"I love your Lavender & Oatmeal Soap. I've now got my whole family using it. My daughter has a skin problem, something like eczema, and your soap has helped her immensely and has given her great relief. Could I order ten more please? Thanks very much,"  Lorraine from Otorohanga.

'"This is the best soap I've ever used (Pumice).  My hands are so smooth and clean now - and I'm a gardener,"  Russell from Pirongia.

'"We are using your Calendula Soap which has relieved the eczema on my two year old son's legs," Dr Caroline from Hamilton.

'"My daughter uses the Tea Tree Oil Soap for her acne, together with the Lavender Cream, and they help to keep her skin nice and clear," Pauline

Shaving soap

travelling shaving soap

"Thanks for the soap.  My husband is very impressed - ideal for travelling," Carolyn Rosling, Kaiapoi.



'"Please could I order another Carrot Oil Shaving Soap. I am really impressed with your soap and it seems to last forever, well almost," Doug from Motueka.

'"When my husband shaved he had an area on his face which would always get irritated. He tried using various products but nothing seemed to help. He started using your Carrot Oil Soap and within days he commented on how there was no more irritation. He has been using it for about three years now and will never use anything else. Also it's so economical,"  Pip Powell, Te Awamutu.

"I really like your shaving soap.  It's much better than the commercial stuff.  I was in Australia for four days recently and took the commercial shaving foam with me - really noticed the difference in being left with a dry face.  Won't do that again," Chris Wilson, Blenheim.

'"This is the best shaving soap ever - it has cleared up my skin. It is still going strong after 12 months - never ending - great product. Thank you so much," Brian Ferguson.

Mild Shampoo


"Great shampoo for my sensitive scalp," Janet Bell, Te Awamutu. 

"Your shampoo is lovely, mild and gentle on my psoriasis.  Compared to medicated products it is way ahead.  Other products feel like they are burning my scalp but yours is just lovely and soothing and smells gorgeous.  I won't go back to using anything else,"  Kelly Badman, Hamilton.

 "Your Shampoo is mild and gentle which smells gorgeous.  My mother has a very sensitive scalp and finds that your shampoo is the only one that doesn't cause an irritation.  We also find it very economical and won't go back to using anything else," Helen Clarke.

 I just love your shampoo.  It has cleared my scalp up.  I no longer have an itchy flaky scalp and my hair feels great.  Thank you so much," says a very satisfied customer from Te Awamutu.

"I love your shampoo.  I have very fine hair and other shampoos weigh my hair down. Your shampoo is the only shampoo that truly suits my hair, and leaves it feeling clean and healthy.  I can't wait for you to create an amazing conditioner to go with it," says Lizz from Cambridge.

"This is the best shampoo, together with your Calendula Ointment, I've used for psoriasis," Darryl, Te Awamutu.

"Glad to get my shampoo - no more itchy scalp. Again, many thanks," Carolyn Rosling, Kaiapoi. 

Bubble Bath


"This is a lovely natural smelling product that has lasted my 2 kids many months. Only a tiny squirt is needed for long-lasting bubbles. Love this product," says Keri Downs.

"I love your Bubble Bath.  I only use a small drop each time - the bottle lasts for ages.  My legs are no longer dry," says Pam Wilson, Arohena.