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Infused with Nature

23 Morgan Road, RD2, Matamata, 3472, New Zealand

hair, bubbles & bath salts

Natural shampoo and bubble bath so soothing on sensitive skin.

Mild shampoo suitable for babies (helps clear cradle cap), and people with sensitive scalps or psoriasis.

Bubble bath - no more dry skin.

mild shampoo
mild shampoo from $7.50
moisturising body cream
moisturising body cream from $20.00
calendula infused oil
calendula infused oil from $10.00
bubble bath
bubble bath from $8.00
himalayan bath salts
himalayan bath salts from $4.50
lavender essential oil
lavender essential oil $15.00
himalayan bath salts in glass jar
himalayan bath salts in glass jar from $5.00
bubble bath & bath salts
bubble bath & bath salts $15.00