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Infused with Nature

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calendula soap

Handmade using homegrown Calendula and the best moisturising oils and butters.  

I grow, infuse and use the wonderful medicinal herb Calendula to make this gorgeous soap, which is soothing on sensitive skin such as eczema.  Calendula is antiseptic and antifungal.

Try this lovely soap with beautiful calendula petals and our Calendula Infused Oil.  Over the years I have continued to improve my soap recipe which includes shea butter(100% certified organic and Certified Fair Trade) to make it even more moisturising - plus three other gorgeous skin-loving oils and butters.  I think you will be hardpressed to find a better quality soap.

  • no palm oil
  • no added colours (only the natural colour of the petals)
  • no added fragrances. 
  • 100% natural

The sizes vary slightly but are approximately 145g each.

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